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Galaxy S22: Mass Production Of Parts Started

Galaxy S22 Ultra concept

Samsung has apparently started to tackle the mass production of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones. A few days ago, the first components for the new top smartphones began to be produced in larger quantities.

Samsung has to start the so-called ramp-up for the mass production of a total of three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S22. The first components for the Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-S901), the Galaxy S22 Plus (SM-S906), and the Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908) have been manufactured in its Asian plants since the middle of last week.

Component production starts slowly

As usual, only a comparatively small number of items rolled off the production line. According to the data available to us, these include flex cables that connect the various circuit boards inside the devices with one another. Since the end of the week, the targeted production volume has already increased to tens of thousands of units, but as usual, there were still some problems producing the components in the desired quantities without errors.

It is quite normal that the planned large quantities do not run off the production line immediately at the start of mass production of electronic components. After all, the corresponding systems must first be converted to the new components and optimized. According to our information, the parts of all variants are currently “rammed” in parallel, with the S22 “Ultra” apparently initially focusing on the US variant, while parts for all versions planned worldwide are already being produced for the two smaller models.

Galaxy S22 leaks expected in January

The start of mass production of components for the Galaxy S22 series a good two months before the end of the year indicates that Samsung is actually planning a launch in early 2022. Even with its previously released smartphones, Samsung usually began mass production around two to three months before the market launch.

Most recently, there was talk of a launch of the Galaxy S22 series towards the end of January 2022, specifically the last week of January. The sources contradict each other massively in this regard. According to the current state of knowledge, the new smartphones of the S22 series should, among other things, be equipped with the new Snapdragon 898 (SM8450) from Qualcomm or the Samsung Exynos 2200 with AMD GPUbe equipped. According to previous reports, the latter is only to be used in a few variants.

It was also heard that Samsung wants to lower entry-level prices and wants to make the base model with a display just over six inches in size into its smallest flagship smartphone for years.