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Gmail Integrates Google Chats, and Rooms

Google has made the announcement regarding a redesign of Gmail for G Suite business users before the Google Cloud Conference next week. The app is a unified app for Gmail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet.

This week, the app would be launched for an “early access preview” to G Suite customers. Later in 2020 it would launch for all the G Suite customers. It seems that little will be altered to the consumer version of Gmail.

According to Google it is, “actively thinking through how and when to bring this experience to the consumers who might want it.”

The app is called “integrated workspace” by Javier Soltero who rolled into Google last November. He said that this would make it simpler for the workers to shift from different modes of communication.

Even though there are a few link on Gmail of these other products, it is a wholesale integration. This step is being taken by Google following its integration of Google Meet into Gmail last May.

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This would also make the collaboration tasks abit easier. For instance the difference between Chat and Rooms was not that specific until the user knows that Rooms is for a more persistent spaces to discuss projects.

Soltero said, “The history of these products is that they were all built individually and they all had a core set of opinions that were obvious to everyone: multi-user, user collaboration, etc. … They all had the same set of shared ideas but they were not necessarily driving toward a shared end goal.”

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