Gmail on Android might make it simple for you to unsubscribe from spam

Gmail data hungry functions

One of the most popular email services used by millions of users is Gmail. The Android app of Gmail consists of emails, newsletters, updates, promotions, and spam messages. Some emails can be pretty annoying since they flood the inbox. Such a situation can be handled by using the dedicated unsubscribe button in the Gmail Android app, specifically in the case of spam emails.

As compared to the mobile Gmail app, the desktop Gmail app provides a relatively easy approach to unsubscribing emails. The mobile app requires proper searching for the unsubscribe button. According to a recent piece of information, a future update will introduce an ‘Unsubscribe’ button to the Gmail Android app. It will be a time-efficient and convenient approach to getting rid of spam emails.

The ability to unsubscribe from Gmail isn’t now publicly accessible

In accordance with the information provided by Android app researcher AssembleDebug, the feature is currently under development. Its traces can be found inside the latest version of the Gmail Android app. In particular, you can unsubscribe from future emails by hitting the Unsubscribe button, which is located just next to the sender’s details.

On the desktop, the unsubscribe button can be found as soon as the app identifies an unsubscribe link in the email body. Simply hit the unsubscribe button and you will get rid of spam emails right away. On the mobile version of the app, users are required to locate the unsubscribe button in the three-dot menu icon. According to AssembleDebug, emails that allow you to unsubscribe will automatically display the conspicuous “Unsubscribe” button.

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