Cubes, a Play Store application hub, is being developed by Google

New features and services require longer to make their way to the public. Users are always interested in knowing what’s new and when it is coming. Tech companies tend to conceal this information from users; however, it can be discovered by professionals from the software versions and codes of the apps. Just last week, we learned that the company will introduce flags to the Google Play Store just to alert users about the usage of the new security features.

Early this year, the code strings regarding another feature for the Play Store were discovered by tech enthusiasts. We are talking about Cubes which are still in the development phase. The early evidence indicated some basic groundwork about the new feature that was inaccessible at that moment; however, it was under development in the background. A similar observation was made by Nail Sadykov of the Google News Telegram channel, who also displayed a brand-new widget that seemed to be closely associated with the idea.

By November, a significant portion of the blueprint that Google has been developing appeared to be complete. The evidence was found in the latest version of the Play Store app by Google News Telegram. It appears that Cubes will serve as a central hub for searching for new apps across different categories. But it isn’t certain. It might provide a custom experience with preferences about the app information, deals, and updates.

In addition to this, the Android app researcher, AssembleDebug, notes that Cubes might be used for shopping as well. This is unclear until or unless we hear something officially from the company. One thing to notice here is that the background or the basic foundation of Cubes is inaccessible. The information available is based on flags or the UI. There is no set timeline for the release of the new feature. Based on the current information, it appears to be another feature that will generate personalized feeds based on already installed apps or the ones ready to be added to users’ accounts.

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