Gmail receives experimental ‘Help me write’ tool on smartphones

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The tech firm Google has rolled out the new “Help me write” tool to the Gmail smartphone app. The feature is available to Workspace Labs testers. The tech company debuted the new feature during its I/O conference held last month. The feature is available on Android as well as iOS versions of the app. Since the debut of the feature, the company rolled out it on the web version of Gmail as well as Google Docs. However, now it is available on the Gmail mobile app. Do note that the feature has not yet been rolled out for the Google Docs mobile app.

What is the Help me write tool and how does it work?

It is an AI wiring assistant available on Gmail and Docs. The feature is currently in the testing phase. It is accessible to Workspace Labs users. similar to the web version, the mobile app will present the users with an introductory message explaining the functionality and usage of the new feature.

The “Help me write” button is located in the bottom right corner of the compose option. When a user taps on it, a new text field appears. Users can type a prompt in this field. Google will generate some suggestions along with the help of generative AI. Pressing on the create button will generate an email message.

Do note that users can regenerate a new draft in case they don’t like the generated one. Users can give feedback to the AI writing assistant as well via the thumbs-up/down buttons. Users can optimize the draft based on their requirements. Users have the choice to add more details and updates to the draft. Furthermore, the I’m Feeling Lucky option gives the users the choice to add more creative details.

You may also start a new draft in Gmail from this point. The prior version will be replaced by this. it can be done as many times as necessary to achieve the desired outcome. You should erase the bracketed text from the AI-generated email and replace it with the required information, such as your name, company name, and other facts.

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