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Google admits its TV platform has performance issues

Google TV is a good thing and the interface offers decent usability. But the whole thing has a catch: There are annoying performance issues on Chromecast dongles and third-party TVs. Google has now admitted this and promises a quick solution. The search engine giant has been trying to break into the TV space for years, if not decades.

The accompanying interface is now called Google TV (not to be confused with the abandoned smart TV platform of the same name) and is a modified version of the Android TV operating system. As mentioned at the outset, Google TV is also largely successful, at least when you look at the interface itself. Because the platform has a pretty big problem that takes away from many customers’ pleasure: there are always performance drops and general performance issues.

improvements are coming

The group now has in one support post also admits that the experience is currently anything but optimal and writes that several changes have been prepared or implemented in recent months. And they’re mostly technical in nature: “Through CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management, we’ve shortened the loading time of the Google TV home screen when it launches, so you can browse shows and movies faster.”

Google TV’s central tab, also known as “For you,” should also be more responsive with the update, affecting scrolling and switching between individual tabs. The live tab also loads faster, so you see less of the animation. “Google TV now uses less memory, so once you’ve tuned in your favorite shows, you should have a better viewing experience, with everything more stable and running a little faster,” Google said. The search engine giant has also made optimizations to its memory management.

This includes a new automatic memory cleaning feature, here it clears the cache and removes unnecessary apps. There are also other “under the hood” improvements.

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