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Record DDoS Attack Block By Google with 46 Million Requests Per Second

DDoS Attack

This year, one negative record is chasing another: As Google has just announced, the company has reported the largest HTTPS DDoS attack ever. The incident took place in June and peaked at 46 million requests per second, reports Bleeping Computer.

In recent months, some gigantic DDoS attacks have become known. Microsoft stopped a DDoS attack targeting an Azure customer with 2.4 terabit/s. Shortly afterward, Akamai reported an incident that was classified as the largest attack in Europe to date at 853.7 gigabits per second.

46 Million Requests Per Second

At Google, it would have been the largest HTTPS-based DDoS attack to date. The peak was 46 million requests per second. Emil Kiner and Satya Konduru from Google explain: “It’s like getting all the daily searches to Wikipedia (one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world) in just 10 seconds.” These kinds of security events flood companies’ networks with junk traffic, making it impossible for them to conduct legitimate business online.

Attacks are Getting More Extreme

Not only is this the third record-breaking wave of DDoS in recent months, but it’s also a warning from Google and other security researchers that attacks are becoming more extreme, increasing in size and frequency. Google’s quick intervention probably prevented worse. “Supposedly, the attacker found that despite significant costs in carrying out the attack, he did not have the desired effect.”

Google Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection was used. As with the previous DDoS attack, the Google blocked event also counted 5,256 source IPs from 132 countries that contributed to the attack. The attack lasted 69 minutes before Google was able to stop the attack.

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