Google alarmed its staff regarding the use of AI chatbots

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 When utilizing AI chatbots, such as Bard from Google, employees should use more caution. The tech behemoth has issued a warning to Google employees on the sharing of corporate data with AI chatbots.

Chatbot use powered by AI is quite popular among users. However, these tools are occasionally used by the staff as well to research a subject or fix a problem. Employees may give a chatbot access to private company information, which is an issue. As you may already be aware, information offered with a chatbot stays on the chatbot servers and is added to the database.

Early in April, information was believed to have been released by ChatGPT when Samsung personnel provided source code with the program. Samsung took preventative action at the time to avert future occurrences like this one. Google is now following a similar strategy and telling staff members not to input sensitive information into AI chatbots.

Employees of Google shouldn’t use AI chatbots to enter private information

Additionally, the internet giant is requesting that engineers and programmers refrain from using the codes produced by AI chatbots. Google stated that, despite being aware that Bard may advise undesirable code changes, it prefers to remain open about the limitations of its tools.

In its recently updated privacy notice, Google advised users, “Don’t include confidential or sensitive information in your Bard conversations.”

The company, which plans to enter more countries in the upcoming years, still considers Google Bard to be an “experimental” product. Bard may eventually be accessible in 40 languages and 180 nations.

Unsurprisingly, before Bard’s formal introduction across the region, the European watchdogs urged Google to clarify the impact it will have on privacy. To discuss the issue, the firm met with the Irish Data Protection Commission.

Microsoft and Google’s competition in the search sector is growing more sensitive for the business. Microsoft is transforming Bing into a tenacious competitor for Google Search by relying on ChatGPT and OpenAI projects. Traditional search engines might be replaced by AI chatbots in the upcoming years.

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