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Google Announces Cross Device SDK Developers Preview For Android

Google has released a new tool for Android developers to make it easier to use apps on multiple devices. This new SDK makes it possible, for example, to start a task on the smartphone and complete it on the tablet. Google isn’t sitting still, even after rolling out Android 13 on its Pixel 6 devices.

The Mountain View company has now released the Cross-Device SDK. As a reminder, an SDK is a software development kit that contains a number of tools designed to make a developer’s job easier. With the new SDK, Google wants to improve the cross-device principle and get closer to a software experience like Apple offers with its operating systems.

Better interaction between different devices

Announced at Google I/O 2022, the Cross-Device SDK aims to help developers create apps that work on all types of devices. Google has already taken the first step in this direction with Near Share, which makes it easier to transfer files to Chromebooks and Android devices.

in a blog post, Google announces that the Cross-Device SDK will technically facilitate the cross-device experience. That includes finding nearby devices, but it also involves simplified connection protocols and authentication. All of this would be based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ultra-broadband.

Simply put, this means that: B. can terminate a payment initiated on the smart TV from the smartphone or read an article first on the tablet and finish it on the Chromebook. Not only can you share a route or location with friends, but you can also place a large order at a restaurant without having to hand out your smartphone to everyone.

This is all very exciting and I look forward to seeing what the developers will do with the new Cross Device SDK. Google’s new SDK is already available to developers on Android smartphones and tablets. Later, it should also appear on devices with other systems such as Chrome OS, Windows, or iOS.

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