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Google app to receive the Material You theme soon


Google introduced the Material You theme around one and a half years ago. Since then the tech company has renovated a number of its apps with a new refreshed look. Among all those apps introduced by the company, it is now no surprise that the Google app is next in the line to receive the material You theme.

we have a number of products and services from Google. Although, time has changed a lot and we have entered 2023. Still, the tech company seems to work on redesigning its last bit of apps besides the majority of core apps. This is just an effort to offer a fully unified experience.

Google app is the most commonly used app when it comes to making quick searches. As per the folks at 9to5Google, the company is going to introduce some new design elements to the Google app. These changes include several elements of the app’s interface. Beginning from the bottom bar. It has become shorter than before. However, we have observed this shortening in other apps too like Gmail.

For the Google app, the background color for the dark theme specifically has been switched to all-black instead of a greyish background. Users usually find it irritating when the rest of the theme is dark while the background offers dark grey colors. However, do note that the black color is particularly presented in the background in settings and not in the remaining app.

In addition to this, there is a modification is presented to the account switcher. On tapping the profile picture, the floating menu is now rounded in shape in contrast to the previous outlook. Additionally, it is presented with a two-toned look as well. On the other hand, the search history, Results for you, profile section, and reminders are now presented in a round square but with a different color in contrast to the remaining floating menu. If you observe this section in the dark theme, then it is a bit darker than the rest of the menu.

Last but not least, the toggles have also received a redesign in the Setting menu. They are now presented in large pill-shaped switches. Note that the new version will arrive on your device in a couple of days.

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