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Soon, dealership inventories will start to appear in Google searches

Google is all set to introduce another interesting feature that will for sure appeal to consumers. The tech company is about to feature dealership inventories on its search results page. If you are looking to buy a car, or if you are just a window shopper you now won’t have to visit the dealers. Instead, you will be presented with all the relevant details while sitting on your couch. The users will be presented with all details like availability, price, features, and all other relevant information.

This latest information was spotted by the SearchLab folks. As per their assessment, the new feature is under beta testing. It is currently restricted to the United States. Since it will be presented in the US community. Users can carry out a simple search for a local dealership. Upon accessing the overview section of the business page of any dealer, users will have full details about which vehicle is available for sale. Furthermore, they will have access to prices as well as other offers for both used and new options.

The upcoming feature for dealership inventory results in Google Search will be quite beneficial for merely all potential buyers as well as window shoppers. They won’t be required to visit the inventories. Rather, a Google search will provide them withal the required information and updates. The information on the inventory will be delivered by the dealership to aid potential buyers.

The inventories will be updated with prices, availability, and images. The images will present a mental picture to the buyers. Furthermore, the dealerships can give the users access to their official website via the google business page.