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Google ask users to report spam in search results

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San Francisco: Google is not worried about its search results, the web is getting so saturated and the search needs a special attention in that in order to sort out and organize things much more efficiently than ever before.

Google in 2017 has collected 90,000 users reported spam and acted upon them, the search engine giant has called upon users again to help them out in combating spam and eliminate it from the search.

Google’s Search Outreach Lead, Juan Felipe Rincon said, that the AI-based bots are continuously working to detect and block spam.

But still we need your input when you come across something phishy, you should report malware, spam and other issues, it will help us to protect site owner and other searchers from this abuse, he said in a blog post.

Users can now report three different types of issues including malware report, phishing report and spam report, users can also send feedback for Google search results, you can find the ‘send feedback link’ at the bottom of the search results page, he added.

Google is not only focusing on one side ‘users’, the company is also engaging the other side of the search ‘content publishers’. The company has sent over 45 million alerts to registered websites in order to let the owners know what is causing the problem and how their search appearance could be affected.

Similar to the Gmail which efficiently scans email spam and keeps it out of the inbox, our search spam filters keep your search results clean, Rincon said. Google has met over 250 webmasters in 2017 and reached more than 220,000 website owners.

The goal was to continuously improve the increasingly becoming saturated information on the web. Last year, Google sent over 6 million manual action messages to the website owners who violated the Google’s guidelines, along with the guide to resolve the issue, he added.

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The AI-based systems have improved the Google’s overall efficiency in cleaning the search results, with the help of AI technology Google had detected and removed over 80 percent of malware sites from the search results in 2017.

Rincon also said we are working closely with the most popular CMSs such as WordPress and Joomla to help them fight spammers and that abuse comments, forums and contacts forms of the websites.

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