Google Assistant will summarize articles for you using generative AI

Google assistant is one of the most reliable voice assistants that can manage all your tasks from setting your alarm to all other tasks in your schedule. As Google is making its way through advancement in AI through bard, it seems like it could be planning to introduce Generative AI capabilities for its assistant app. Initially the feature will be about summarizing web content for you.

Google assistant can read your web pages allowed by receiving your command. Although this will read out all the content of the page including all contents. Some of which might not be related.  9to5Google When searching through the code for the main Google app, which is available on the Play Store, version 14.29, Google came upon a new generative AI capability for Assistant that might cut through the clutter and get right to the point.

A new Summarize button will display next to the Read command shortcut if you invoke Assistant using the hot-word while using Chrome or an in-app browser (both of which are powered by Chrome by default). If you want, you can just tell Assistant to “summarize this.” Both activation methods appear to be ineffective at the time, producing a straightforward error notice that reads, “Assistant is unable to handle the request.”

Although, 9to5Given that Google’s generative AI model is adapt at summarizing, as demonstrated by Bard answers, the company thinks the tool could easily summarize any online page, not just articles. Hopefully, it will function on other browsers as well. The first service to use an AI-powered summarization feature was Google Docs, but generative AI projects like Bard and the Search Labs experiment have shied away from Assistant-like features, indicating that summarization may be a Pixel-only feature for Assistant.

Despite our excitement for the first generative AI feature coming to Google Assistant, there is a significant problem that needs to be addressed. There is a chance that the feature highlights some elements from the source while ignoring others, which could lead to bias you won’t see unless you check the description with the original.

Concurrent generative AI applications that Google is creating, like as the aid for journalists that we heard about earlier this week, are adding to the cause for alarm. The tools may not seem like a big deal to the ordinary Assistant user when used separately, but when combined with an AI-powered summarizing tool, biased content that AI develops could result in dangerous falsehoods.

If Google can avoid the drawbacks of such a closed feedback loop, a summary tool could be helpful whether it is unique to Pixel devices or not. It could save you the time and effort of skimming through the internet by quickly providing the information you were looking for. Although we still don’t know when it will be possible to summarize on Assistant, we will keep a watch out for it.

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