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Google Blocks Xiaomi Assistant Access To Nest Hub Due To Security Breach

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A user has lately discovered that his Google Nest Hub was showing images from a stranger’s home after he attempted to stream from his own Xiaomi security camera.

After this security breach or technical bug which could lead to security breaches, Google has instantly blocked Xiaomi’s integration with its smart home systems. A Reddit user reported that flaw which was later picked up by another tech blog, the publication later reached out Google for comments and received the statement, “We are aware of the issue and have contacted Xiaomi in this regard, and while the manufacturer fixes its issues we have disabled its integrations to our devices for security reasons.”

This means Google has disabled all the Xiaomi Mi Home Integrations to Google assistant and the users currently are not able to access it.

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The users who picked up the issue, was trying to stream live video from his own Xiaomi Mi 1080p Smart IP security camera using his Google Nest Hub for display but the bug started to show him a series of images from another home devices own by other people.

The pictures shown were monochromatic and even partially corrupted, but the images still show some sleeping children, full room views and other private images, this was enough to build a case over a major security flaw that could lead to other security breaches. Xiaomi has not yet commented on the issues and the company has been investigating the issue, also there is no instance of what actually caused the issue, however, we are likely to discover the reason for this issue in coming days.

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