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Mozilla to launch Fakespot as a browser extension to combat fake reviews

With the launch of e-commerce sites, fake reviews are an obstacle for those who depend on these reviews to decide whether to make a purchase. With the launch of ChatGPT, the situation has become even more complicated. Companies are using this technology to write fake reviews for their companies. For identifying these, Mozilla has taken the initiative by launching a fakespot that will recognize fake reviews by using the technology of AI and machine learning.

The company is planning to add this as an extension to its browser, and this will be graded in the reviews from A to F depending upon the authenticity of the review. Along with that, the browser is also working on fakespot features that will help users make informed purchases at all retailers, including Amazon, BestBuy, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and Sephora.

As per a statement from Mozilla’s chief product officer, Steve Teixeira, Fakespot might be included exclusively in the browser. He assured us that this extension will be available for all major web browsers as well as mobile devices. The company will keep working towards enhancing the feature.

Mozilla’s effort to incorporate AI

Companies like Mozilla and Microsoft have been working to include more AI features since the AI revolution began late last year to overtake Chrome in market dominance. And this acquisition of Fakespot fits with the company’s objectives and comes soon after the launch of Mozilla.ai, an AI-focused startup with the goal of creating reliable and open-source AI.

As stated by Mark Surman, executive president of Mozilla, AI has been declared a reliable source in the commercial market, along with the growth of the market as the industry makes its way towards using AI to build apps, products, and services we use in our daily lives. He depicted the hope of making AI a trustworthy open source by working together with relevant companies and governmental entities.

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