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Google Chrome is all set to launch Android redesign for tablets and foldable

When it comes to the variety of devices, there are endless variations. Almost all companies are working out the best ways to make their apps appear on their devices in the best way possible. In a similar way, Google Chrome is all set to launch for large-screen devices, including foldable and tablets. This update will launch in parallel to the upcoming update. This latest redesign comes along with new elements that can be pinpointed by users once they are available in the app.

This latest redesign seems like an experiment, as per Google’s efforts on the new look for Chrome. The various features involved in this new update are available through the latest Chrome update. However, this latest update is only accessible on tablets and foldable devices that contain Chrome version 112.

Following the latest version, all the features aren’t updated except for some specific elements. This update contains some adjustments regarding the usage of these design adjustments around the app. Some of the important information regarding this update is available in this article.

Google Chrome’s update for Android’s redesign for large screen devices

Most Google apps already provide this feature, but for this update, it’s only available for large-screen devices like tablets and foldable. So if you don’t have a foldable or tablet, unfortunately, you can’t enjoy this update. The materials you use in this app will blend in with your device’s theme.

The most noticeable change that comes with this update is about the browser tabs that are displayed above the address bar. In the older version, the tabs on Chrome were unable to blend in with the app theme. The current page tabs only blended in with the theme of the app’s body. While the rest of the tabs just appear in tinted colors like the theme of the device.

In the current update, the design of the tab you are using blends in with the entire theme of the page. This variation tends to display other tabs in the background because of the theme variation of the current tab. Other than these, a dilute line highlighting the tab sets it up in the spotlight.

With the latest redesign, there are even more variations as the current tab displays as a floating card, highlighting only the current tab with the theme. Although the other tabs will match the dark or light theme of the browser,

The tab is separated by a thin line that connects to nothing to display a floating effect. Other than this, there isn’t any prominent change that came along with this update. These latest features on targeted devices will be available through the latest update of Chrome.

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