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Google might bring in brighter colors in Android 14 update

The material you were introduced to back in 2021 hasn’t been updated since then with any major updates. With the excitement of dynamic theming, people are demanding more customization options. As per information from 9to5Google, there’s a possibility that Google will bring in some bolder colors in the Android 14 update.

Dynamic theming in Android is getting some improvements. As in Android 12, there are four available options for the color scheme of your wallpaper, whereas Android 13 provides 16 of them. Google is thinking about providing better customization options. The problem appears when you are free to choose any color scheme but are somehow stuck with pastel tones.

Android 14 might bring in brighter Material You colors

Pixel devices came along with incredible OLED displays, and this possibility of bringing in brighter colors will be used to the fullest. Although pastel colors give a softer effect, sometimes we are willing to go for the bolder ones.

A video was recently shared by Google via Twitter that displayed the bolder color palette. Although there was no specification of it coming with Android 14, However, currently, we can depict this phase as a testing one for Android 14.

More vibrant and bolder colors can be seen in the latest UI, which are much brighter than we see today. As per information via 9to5Google, this might be pointing to the arrival of bolder colors we have heard about before.

This information is all based on a leaked rumours without any indication that it is present in the beta version or among any of the Android open source projects.

It appears from the code and a test app that 9To5Google was able to create for this that the theme will closely resemble the colors of the wallpaper. Therefore, the software might simply incorporate the colors into the operating system as opposed to deadening them to create the pastel aesthetic.

We will have to wait and watch because it’s difficult to say at this time. There will be more Android 14 beta releases. We can only hope that later iterations will maintain this more daring look. In fact, there’s a possibility that Google will unveil this during Google I/O, which takes place on May 10.

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