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Google Confirms Launch Of New Google Nest Smart Speakers

New Google Nest

Rumors have been circulating on the internet for a few weeks that Google is working on a new smart speaker. After the device leaked more or less yesterday, Google has now officially confirmed that a new Nest model will be launched soon.

The future version of Google’s smart speaker appeared yesterday at a Japanese regulatory authority. The entry describes a device with the model name “GXCA6” and contains three images that show the appearance and dimensions of the new Google Nest. The device is about 22 cm high and 14 cm wide. The design is a mixture of the Google Home Max and the currently available Google Nest Mini.

Since the new Google Nest was already visible on the pictures shown by the regulatory authority, the search engine group apparently decided to quickly confirm the device itself. Google has also directly provided a teaser video and a picture of the smart speaker to some US media. The device should appear in at least three different colors. However, no official name was given. It is conceivable that the new Nest model will be marketed under a different name.

Specifications and release date not known Yet

So far, it remains unclear which components the new smart speaker is equipped with and which additional functions the future Google Nest model will bring. In addition, it is not yet known when the device will be presented, and when the smart speaker can be purchased. The search engine group may be presenting the new Google Nest together with upcoming smartphone models such as the Pixel 4a or Pixel 5 (XL). However, there is still no date for this.

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