Google Contacts app will now display Local time and weather information

Have you ever called someone on the other side, wondering what kind of weather they might be experiencing?

With its latest update, Google is all set for an impressive update that’ll bring these changes to your doorstep. As reported by some of the users, they’ve already got this latest feature in their apps.

This latest feature will update you regarding the weather conditions in a person’s region. This information is available beneath the latest button. If you don’t already have this feature on your version of the app, you need to open the contact card, which will lead you to the round control buttons. Among these three buttons, one is for calling, another for texting, and the last one is for video chat.

With the update, you’ll get the fourth button that displays directions. This feature will work for contacts that have their addresses saved in contact cards. By tapping on the direction button, it’ll display the address and other information.

It has now become even more convenient to fetch weather information via Google Contact Update

Through this feature, you’ll be able to access all the time and weather information regarding your contact’s region. This feature can display even more based on the saved information. This latest update comes in all styles, in a Material You manner. The same information can be provided via text, the information for which is sourced from a popular weather service app. The time is displayed right above the weather information.

This way, you can call up your friends living in other regions and start your conversations with weather conditions. And of course, you can play cool if they’re unaware of this latest feature yet. This is sort of an informative feature on the platform. As the update is still rolling out, you might need to fetch the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store.

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