Google Messages is all set to provide support for satellite connectivity

Satellite connectivity has become a crucial part of smartphones as a result of its ability to save lives in dangerous times. Google is initiating the provision of this feature to all users of Android 14. This latest feature is being implemented via the Google Messages app and will facilitate emergency SOS conversations via satellites.

The first person to notice it was the tipster @neil_rahmouni, who also supplied some images. Google’s brand-new UI for emergency communication mimics the familiar structure of a typical text message thread, replete with a text entry area labeled “Satellite messages.” In contrast to Apple’s solution, which only permits a limited number of predetermined texts, this suggests that users would be able to create personalized messages while corresponding with emergency services.

A character counter will also be present in the text entry box, which signals that satellite messages may be subject to different character restrictions from the format used for traditional SMS messages. Additionally, the Google dialer will proactively direct users to switch to satellite messages in cases where the signal strength is insufficient for a satellite call.

Latest hardware required

Even if the possibility of using satellite connectivity in emergency scenarios could help save many priceless lives, most current phones lack the necessary hardware to use satellite connectivity. It’s vital to remember that Google’s Pixel 7 series already has the necessary hardware, even though it needs significant software changes.

Additionally, the geographical setting is crucial. Satellite phone use is either prohibited or severely restricted in several nations, raising questions about the technology’s universal applicability. Because of this, people who depend on satellite connectivity for their regular activities can look at temporary solutions like Motorola’s Defy satellite Bluetooth dongle.

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