X won’t let you to block other users

X is working on a new feature that will make it difficult to block users on the platform. As Elon Musk himself has said, blocking a user makes no sense, so the feature will be removed.

On social media sites, blocking users is a widespread practice to keep others from accessing your content or from mistreating you. Now, though, X wants to eliminate the blocking functionality and is moving in the opposite direction. Of course, you will still have the option to prevent anyone from messaging you directly. However, you can no longer prevent their interactions.

Some users now complain that the removal of the blocking tool makes it more difficult to delete offensive posts and people from the timeline. A person can no longer send you direct messages, and his postings no longer appear on your timeline when you block them on the platform.

You will no longer be able to block users on X

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey concurs with the modification “100%. Silent only. However, the drawback of total muteness is that it might not offer sufficient defense against aggressive users. A user who has been muted can still communicate with him and leave comments on his postings.

Musk’s decision to eliminate blocking features also runs counter to App Store and Google Play Store rules. Both companies demand that social media networks give customers the opportunity to block as well as other tools to defend themselves against harassment. If Musk cannot reach an agreement with Google and Apple, insisting on making the modification might result in the removal of the X app from both app stores.

If the accounts that were blocked prior to the adoption of this decision would be automatically unblocked, this is another query that X needs to address. Making your account private will be your sole option once the move goes into force to secure your tweets.

Undoubtedly, one of Elon Musk’s primary motivations for paying $44 billion for Twitter was to protect free speech. Following his acquisition of the business, the billionaire reactivated certain contentious accounts, including those of Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson, and Andrew Tate. Additionally, removing the blocking feature would support Musk’s free speech goals and the creation of the “digital town square” he envisions.

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