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Google Docs Updated to Save Time for Creating New Files Instantly

Google Docs

Google is known for bringing in and introducing new features to all its applications. Now, it has launched a time-saving trick for its Google Docs app. Google has launched “.new” links that would assist the users to create new files instantly.

This new amendment is welcoming as it is the fastest way of making new Docs, sheets, slides and forms. The firm introduced its “.new” domain instantly for creating a new file throughout any of these services. Now even the domains could be bookmarked to be used as shortcuts. This would help the users to just reach the same blank document with just a simple click.

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Before the launch of this update, some steps have to be followed written as follows for making the new files:

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Click on the “New” button
  • Select the service one wants to use

Now there is no need of going through all these steps. All one needs to do is just to type “doc.new” to get started in a new Google Doc. Any new file could be made just by typing commands like spreadsheet.new, website.new, slide.new, deck.new, sheet.new, form.new, presentation.new and so on.

The announcement of the change was done through a tweet.

The change indeed is a very good one. The regular users of Google Docs would know that how a little update would end up saving loads of time throughout the day.

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