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Google Drive now shows warning banners for suspicious files

Google Drive

Google will soon be launching new security features for Google Drive users. An alert feature against suspicious files was announced at the Google Cloud Next Conference 2021. The feature release is now underway. Data manipulated by strangers, for example to load malicious code and infiltrate networks, is now also recognized by Google Drive – at least for the foreseeable future.

Google has in Workspace blog a major change in file recognition was announced. In the future, users will be notified with a highly visible warning banner when Google recognizes features of a suspicious file. These warnings are already available when opening Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings and are based on a security feature presented at the Google Cloud Next 2021 conference.

Google is now launching a new update for Google Drive, which will also introduce the warning banner there. At first glance, users will see a big warning message that Google considers the file dangerous and classifies it as potentially unsafe. This can be especially true if a similarly designed file has already been discovered in a known blackmail Trojan or other malware attack. This update also now introduces additional security measures in Google Drive to protect against abusive content and behavior.

Google Drive warning banner

Google explains that by design there is no admin control or end user setting for this feature and it is enabled by default. This is to prevent users from missing out on this simple security foundation. The feature is being rolled out gradually and will be available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business users in the coming days. The award ceremony must be completed in the first week of February. See also: Google, Search Engine, Google Logo, Do No Evil