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Google Duo Now Allows Up To 12 Participants In Video Conferencing

Google Duo

Amid the hard times and scarcity of resources available for workers working from home Google has taken a new initiative that is lauded among circles, Google has increased the capacity of its video conferencing service Duo. Not less, up to 12 people can now take part in a conference. Although Duo is fairly unknown compared to other services, the platform is still used by millions of users worldwide.

Sanaz Ahari Lemelson, product manager of the video chat service Duo, announced the increase in the number of participants in a tweet. While no more than eight people have been able to participate in a group video chat so far, up to twelve users can now exchange information with each other. In addition, further changes are planned. However, no concrete details have yet been given.

Users Do Not Need To Update

The increased number of participants was activated on the server-side. It is therefore not necessary to update the application. The reason for the increase in the number of participants is the current corona crisis. An increasing number of people worldwide have to work in their home office and are currently no longer able to visit family and friends. Therefore, video chat services such as Skype, Discord and Google Duo have recently become increasingly important. The duo is available as an app for Android and iOS and as a web version for the PC.

Google Duo is not the only platform where changes have been made due to the corona crisis. The communications provider Discord has even increased the maximum number of participants for screen transmissions to 50. Previously, only ten users could attend the conference. Slack also responded and announced, a bridge to Microsoft teams to want to produce. In the future, the users of the office chat software should be able to communicate with the users of the Microsoft service.

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