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Microsoft To-Do App Gets Updated New Task Options For Windows 10

Where the company has delayed the optional updates of Windows 10 due to Coronavirus the software giant, Microsoft has released an update for the Windows 10 app for Microsoft’s task planner To-Do. A new addition is the possibility to add new tasks right at the top of lists. The To-Do app now reflects some improvements that are based on the user’s feedback. Microsoft has taken action on feedback while valuing the user’s feedback to release this update.

The update is now available for Windows 10. Accessibility was worked on, among other things, but the most important innovation in version 2.14.2003.27002 is that new tasks are not added to existing lists at the bottom, but can be added at the top. This gives task management better overview things listed on the top gets more visibility and the users stay updated with the tasks. According to the release notes, the proposal for this option came from the user community that had requested the feature. The update is recommended to all users. The update is now available in the Microsoft Store.

It is interesting that the new option that pushes the tasks up has also been announced for other platforms:

From now on, tasks can also be marked with an asterisk, then they move up in the list. The company continues to work on the accessibility of the application. However, there is currently no more precise information about what exactly will come.

Release notes according to Microsoft

You asked about it, we listened to you! With this update, there are several often requested improvements:

  • New tasks are now added at the top of the list instead of below.
  • If a task is marked with an asterisk, it automatically moves up.
  • The options for both can be found in the settings in To Do.

We continue to work on the accessibility of the app – including announcements to remove due dates, repetitive tasks, and reminders.