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Google Invests More On Messenger Apps And Chat Teams

Google has launched many messenger and chat apps, each developed by separate teams, in the past. However, now the search engine group wants to provide a better overview. For this reason, a unified chat team was formed.

According to The Verge ‘s report, Google has undertaken internal restructuring and deployed Javier Soltero as chief of the communications apps. There is now a united development team that works together on all messenger products of the search engine group. So far, however, there are no plans to launch a unified chat app. All existing applications will continue to be supported for the time being.

Users are spoiled for choice

Google currently runs a large number of different messenger apps. In addition to the video chat application Google Duo designed for private users, business products such as Google Chat and Google Meet are also available. The company is also working on equipping the Stadia game streaming service with a messenger client.

The impact of merging the development teams remains to be seen. However, this step made it clear that Google would like to invest more in messenger apps in the future and further expand the functional scope of the applications. Especially in the corona crisis, many people rely on chat and video conference services.

In contrast to Facebook, Google does not want to connect the existing chat platforms with each other. The search engine group is convinced that users consciously choose certain applications and do not want to have a single app in which all services are available.

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