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Microsoft 365 Family Safety App Comes In Preview Phase

Microsoft has now started registration for the beta version of the new “Microsoft Family Safety” management app for iOS and Android phones. The app is quite handy in terms of family management and authorization; It is an app that can be used in the family group to determine who can use what and for how long.

What is “Microsoft Family Safety”?

In March, Microsoft had announced the launch of Microsoft 365, which originally replaces Microsoft’s Office 365 in order to introduce new family features. This includes, among other things, that Microsoft wants to start “Family Safety” functions for iOS and Android. Now it starts – the group has started the preview phase and is now inviting interested Microsoft 365 users to take part in the beta tests. With the help of the new functions, the users would be able to monitor and preset which content can be used by family members and also for how long. Parents can determine what options their offspring have on the Internet and on their smartphones, but also with their PC or Xbox.

Microsoft has set up a dedicated page for registration. First of all, you need to check whether you meet all the requirements – this includes, for example, using an MS 365 family subscription and setting up a family group. The Microsoft 365 team now writes on the insider blog:

“We are happy to announce a limited preview of Microsoft Family Safety on iOS and Android. Before completing the form below, please make sure you set up a family group at family.microsoft.com.”

For more information on setting up a family group, see support.microsoft.com/help/12413/microsoft-account-what-is-family-group. Once you have started a family group, fill out the form below – the email addresses in this form must match the email addresses you used to start your family group. If selected, we will send an email invitation to each member of your family with instructions on how to download the preview.

Release planned for late summer

Microsoft then sends the access to the apps after the registrations. With iOS you also have to participate in the test flight program. Originally, the plan was for the new family feature for iOS and Android to be released to all users in late summer.

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