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Google is Acquiring Irish Retail Tech Start-up Pointy


Google is planning to acquire an Irish retail start-up Pointy. The startup helps in traditional brick and mortar retailers list inventory online for an undisclosed amount. It is expected that the deal will close in the coming weeks.

The software of Pointy is used by retailers to automatically track store inventory. Then that information is displayed on Google’s “see what’s in store” section. Thus, customers would be able to find items that are in-stock near them.

Pointy founders Marks Cummins and Charles Bibby said,  “Over the past several years we’ve developed a very close partnership with Google. It became clear that we shared the same vision of how technology can improve local retail businesses.”

The company in July 2018 said that it has raised $19 million so far in venture capital.

The Pointy founders wrote, “By joining forces, we will be able to help people discover local stores and products on a much larger scale. We think this is the right way to accomplish what we set out to do – to bring the world’s retailers online and give them the tools they need to thrive.”

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