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Google is bringing back monochrome emojis from the 90s

Google has released a new font that brings emojis from the 90s to modern systems. The new symbols have been kept minimalistic and do without colors. In addition, the designers have omitted details to allow for more flexible use. The search engine company has in its developer blog announced that the so-called Noto Emojis are available as part of a new font.

While the trend in mini graphics is currently more towards colorful 3D symbols, the new emoji variant is monochromatic and simply designed. Google emphasizes that over time emojis have become more and more detailed and thus more specific and hyper-realistic.

Details are deliberately left out

For example, the dancing emoji is associated with a particular style. The company believes that emojis are more flexible if as many details are left out as possible. So the minimalist emojis don’t represent gender, hair color, or skin type, so Google has reduced its blob design.

The black and white look also has the advantage that the symbols can be more easily integrated into platforms or operating systems. The graphics can be adjusted to dark mode without any problems. The Noto Emojis behave like text and can be displayed in bold or with thinner lines, for example. While some symbols have been largely taken over and only stripped of their color, Google has completely overhauled some emojis.

The flags cannot be displayed without colors, otherwise, users would not be able to easily distinguish between Finland and Sweden, for example. Instead, the developers use the outline of a flag in conjunction with the relevant ISO country code. Those interested in the open-source font can download the emojis from this page to download.