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Google is developing a New Social Network – Shoelace

Google is ready to “supercharge your social life” by developing a new social network called Shoelace. The company has shut down Google+ a few months ago and now it is looking to take another shot at Facebook. The main focus of Shoelace is on events.

Shoelace is region-based, unlike the other social media apps that let you connect with the whole world. Google is starting with a trial of Shoelace among a few communities living in New York.

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The app is available both on iOS and Android. It is currently just invite-only and can be installed at an invite code. There is no web version of the site as of yet.

As per the Android Police, Shoelace is quite similar to Schemer and another location-based social network app that Google introduced back in 2011 and canned in 2014.

It is quite unlikely that another social media app will shake Facebook’s monopoly but Google app might make its way in small niches.

Also, there is a chance that Shoelace might never see the light of day as it is being developed by Google’s Area 120 team that focuses on experimental projects

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