Google is experimenting with an article-writing AI tool

The tech giant Google is experimenting with a new AI tool. Reportedly, the tool is aimed at helping journalists. Notably, the company pitched the new tool in front of officials of The New York Times, News Corp, and The Washington Post.

Internally, the tool has been as “Genesis”. According to the available information, the AI tool is capable of taking information like particulars of current events. Based on this information, the AI tool can generate content for news. According to Google, the AI tool can work with journalists as a kind of personal assistant.

Well, the idea is not appreciated by the executives. They find it disturbing. Two sources who are familiar with the details mentioned that the new AI tool by Google disregards the efforts put into generating precise and artful news stories.

Genesis is part of the “Good AI” initiative by Google

The AI industry has witnessed immense growth and popularity given the release of ChatGPT. Google was already late to the AI chatbot era. Well, it was quite surprising since Google is utilizing AI in most of its products. It introduced Bard in a rush but with time the chatbot has improved with the addition of new features. Currently, the tech giant is working on some other AI chatbots and features. It is working to introduce Bard across its products like Gmail, Google Docs, and even Search.

According to Google, Genesis can help journalists by automating some tasks. There is accurate information regarding the particular tasks that could be performed by Gensis. They could be sourcing or searching the precise information about a particular news article. Well, things will unveil with time given the significance of immense roles that AI can perform.

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