Nearby Share is now available on Windows

Nearby share

In order to compete with the AirDrop feature introduced by Apple, the tech giant Google came forward with the Nearby Share feature. As per the information, users can conveniently share files between Android smartphones and Chromebooks using the Nearby Share feature, as the name indicates. Now some recent pieces of information indicate that the Nearby Share feature is also available on Windows.

Initially, Nearby Share was introduced with Android 9 Pie. Back then, it was just limited to smartphones. File sharing on Android devices requires users to accept the share request on the other device in order to receive it. It was a nice security approach. However, it was annoying for some users.

For the past few years, Google worked to introduce the feature on Chromebooks. Besides this, if a user has logged in to two different devices with the same Google account, files can be shared without an approval request on both devices.

Nearby Share is now accessible for Windows

For the past few months, Google has been working to introduce Nearby Share on Windows. It was previously available to a few users as part of the early access program. As of now, the tech giant has rolled out the feature publicly. It can be downloaded from the official source. One thing to notice here is that the feature is still in the beta phase indicating that it is not completely stable.

Once a user launches the app, they can select the ones who can send files to their computer. It is presented with the same options as on a user’s smartphone. Users have three choices: receive files from every one, no one, your contacts only, and devices that a user has signed in with their particular email account. Just log in to the app with your Google account and you are good to share and receive files. Choose an appropriate name for your device. Make sure it is small and unique. Don’t make it long otherwise, it will cut off in the selection screen. Followed by this, send and receive files as you practice on your smartphones.

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