Google is introducing the Memories View feature for Google Photos

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According to some recent pieces of information, Google has introduced new tools and features to Google Photos. Reportedly, the new feature will help alleviate the user experience. The feature, which will serve as the new home for your Memories, will employ AI to choose and arrange your Memories into a timeline that resembles a scrapbook.

As per the official announcement, the company is rolling out the Memories View feature. It is available to US users. Using the feature, users can customize and share the beautiful experiences of their lives. The updated navigation menu at the base of the Google Photos app will now include a Memories view option. The company states that other users will begin receiving the new feature in the coming months.

New tools will accompany the Memories View feature

In addition to this, the new feature comes with several new tools. One tool will help with saving and creating memories. Users can add or delete certain media files and customize the Memories View. Another tool will use AI to help users rename their Memories. Users can click on the “Help me title” button to generate titles with the help of AI. Users can provide suggestions, details, and more options by accessing the “Add Hint” button in order to refine their experience. But you still have the option to rename a Memory yourself if you choose.

Interestingly, Google is also bringing a co-author tool for Memories. You can ask friends and family to add images and videos to your memory to make it come to life. Additionally, you can save shared memories to your Memories view. The company states that this feature works similarly to Shared Album. According to Google, Memories can be shared as videos across users’ messaging applications or over social media, although this is not currently available. The company does not, however, give an exact release date for this feature.

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