The Google Assistant on older Wear OS wearables may soon be discontinued

Several smartwatches in the market are still running Wear OS 2 although the tech giant Google has introduced Wear OS 3 and Wear OS 4. As per some recent pieces of information, Google Assistant will no longer be available on older versions.

According to a new piece of information provided by 9to5Google, a text string in the Wear OS companion app APK was spotted. The text string indicates that the company is going to take away the Assistant feature on Wear OS 2 and earlier. In simpler words, Google will soon end Google Assistant support on this watch. The excerpt reads that users should update to a new version of the watch that runs Wear OS 3 and supports Google Assistant.

There doesn’t appear to be a set date for when Google Assistant will stop working on watches running Wear OS 2 and earlier. However, we anticipate that a statement will be released before the year is over. This is a terrible turn of events anyway. Some Wear OS 2 smartwatches weren’t even introduced until 2020 or 2021, making them barely two or three years old. So, it makes sense why Wear OS 2 watch users in particular should feel resentful.

This decision is especially upsetting because voice input was always preferred on smartwatches due to their small screens, which made typing a cumbersome process.

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