Twitter has laid off 200 employees that is of its remaining workforce

2022 was a year of layoffs at many well-known technology companies, including Netflix, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Meta, Zoom, and the list goes on. Layoffs at other companies were nothing as compared to those at Twitter. Twitter has laid off almost half of its total working staff. As per information from The New York Times, Twitter has made another layoff of almost 200 employees.

As the company is climbing hard mountains, this is surely not a good step in that scenario. As of the end of 2022, there were quite few updates from the company, through which we can assume that it’s facing a major backlash. Despite these obstacles, the company was able to reintroduce Blue Twitter, along with some new features.

Observing the circumstances led to the conclusion that the problem was entirely dependent on Elon Musk’s approach to things. Despite the fact that he has announced his intention to step down as CEO, there has been no word on his replacement.

Twitter laid off another 200 employees

The “Bird app” was introduced by Elon Musk in order to increase the revenues of the company. But with this latest addition, half of Twitter’s staff have lost their jobs—even before this project was started. Twitter was making $1 billion per year before Musk took over the company. He bought the whole company for $44 billion and has increased the subscription price of Twitter Blue from $5 per month to $8 per  month, which is even at $11 if you are signing up for the app using the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

With these implementations, which could have increased the company’s revenue, the situation has deteriorated even further. As per information from the report, Twitter has laid off another 200 employees, which is about 10% of its remaining workforce. Now the Twitter workforce is somewhere around 19,000.

This layoff included many important people, such as the chief executive of Twitter payments, Esther Crawford, and revue, who was the founder of Martijn de Kuijper, which was purchased by Twitter back in 2021. Other than that, most employees found out they were fired through a simple email from the company.

This situation is getting even worse for the company. We can’t even predict how many layoffs are needed before it actually stops. Eventually, we have to wait until things get back to normal.

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