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Google is Reportedly Working on Changing the UI of Google Photos Editor

It has been reported that the tech giant Google is working to revise the user interface (UI) for its editor in Google Photos, relying less on iconography and more on the text.

A software blogger Jan Manchun Wong has discovered the development and posted it on the social media platform Twitter. This newly updated version of Google Photos may be available in testing to select users.

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Here’s how the new user interface (UI) of the new Google Photos like as Wong has posted it on Twitter:

A series of categories appears above the two buttons called ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save copy’, the first of which is titled suggestions—showing what vectors of the AI thinks should be tailored. The specific vectors are placed at the top of the button in a carousel with icons as well as labels.

Moreover, the ‘crop’ and ‘angular’ adjustments share a tab in the current version of the Google Photos user interface (UI) but in the upcoming version, both are split into their own categories with a change of look.

An Indonesian-based user of the Google Photos responded to the tweet of Wong, appearing to show off the new UI while editing a photo while using Xiaomi Mi 10 5G which means that the new UI could be going to users for the testing purpose.

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