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Google is testing a new homepage for Google Drive

Google Drive

In Drive on the Web, Google is experimenting with a new homepage. The left navigation panel now has a separate Home section thanks to the UI change. According to the company, it will display “your most relevant files and folders.” Based on your usage patterns and past history, the objective is to make it easier for you to find what you need.

According to Google, the new UI for Drive is in the testing phase. The new UI is tested among a small group of users. Furthermore, the company has shared a GIF file. It shows a Home button presented above My Drive. Where currently it resides at the top of the left navigation panel. Currently, all the stored documents are shown in the form of a list/grid. Users can also find suggested documents on the top.

However, the recent modifications present users with more suggestions on the top. In this way, users can easily navigate through the documents. Now, the Home section is divided into two tabs. There is a Suggested tab that will provide users with a suggested document. Besides this, users can set the filter in accordance with their requirements.

In addition to this, the documents feed is provided by a ‘reason suggested’ column that explains why Google believes that the user might be interested in opening a document. Similarly, a recommended document could be the result of a recent editing, opening, or uploading of documents. Besides this, Google will also show the time and last modification made to any document. Even it will show the location of the document in the drive.

While the “Activity” tab displays a list of all current activities related to a document. Here, users might notice things like fresh comments and access requests. From this feed, Google will allow you to easily approve or reject access requests and view any recent comments. An action box is also present. Using the action box, users can choose whether to share a document with someone who has viewer-only access or more permissions.

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