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Google added two new features to Google Docs

Among the word-processing platforms out there, Google Docs is one of the most popular. Recently, Google introduced some major changes to Docs. It received the Material You redesign. When it comes to features, Google Docs is presented with most of the features. The platform keeps getting new features. as of now, Google has added two new features to Google Docs. As per information from 9to5Google, Google Docs will receive collapsible headings and custom-building blocks.

Collapsible headings

If you want to make reading a long document easier, then this feature is for you. Given the previous version of Docs, the headings would be expanded. It eased the reading process. However, the new collapsible headings feature will make it even more convenient to read lengthy documents. Users can easily scroll between pages and find accurate headings.

Upon adding a new heading, users will have the option to add a collapsible heading. Once a heading is collapsed, all contents under that heading would disappear. To read the content, users will be required to expand the heading.

Custom building blocks

A pre-made template or text excerpt that you may save and insert into any section of your document is referred to as a building block. If you have to add certain elements into your documents on a regular basis then this feature is quite helpful for you. Using this feature, you can save and insert custom building blocks.

As a result, you may just go to your building blocks menu, select your saved building block, and insert it rather than having to save text to a different document or start over. Building blocks can be text, event, or table blocks, among others.

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