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Google Drive to add a spam folder for suspicious data

Google Drive

Google Drive seems to be somewhere in between its re-inventions. The app was updated with Material Design at the start of this year. Google Drive is all set to receive another significant update that will protect the platform against spam.

Like Gmail, Google Drive will display a spam folder for all the shared documents or data without your consent. Any files or data that shows a slight hint of suspicion can be dropped here in the spam folder, along with an explanation of the reason behind dropping the data into this folder.

After dropping the data in the spam folder, you’ll no longer receive any information or notifications related to that data, nor will you be able to comment, share, or receive anything from that source. After being stored for 30 days, these files will be deleted forever.

This latest feature will improve the usage of the platform by adding this quality feature. Back in April, Google Drive, with its desktop app, made it handy to move files in its desktop app. A number of file limitations were also specified by the platform that will not allow the storage of more files when this figure is exceeded.

Google started rolling out this feature on May 24, and it seems it’ll be available to everyone soon.

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