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Google’s Material You color picker is now available in ChromeOS dev

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In 2021, Google released Android 12 and the Material Design dynamic color engine. The wallpaper-based design language is finally expanding in 2023 because of Google’s efforts to add it to ChromeOS and desktop versions of Chrome. If you turn on a flag or are fortunate enough to be in the a/b test, you may now choose your favorite wallpaper-based colors on the most recent development version of Google’s laptop OS, 114.

Google’s Material You Color picker

The #jelly-colours and #personalization-jelly flags can now be enabled in ChromeOS Dev 114 to make four different accent color schemes available, along with a choice to completely disable wallpaper color matching. This is in keeping with Android 12, which only provided four accent color options as opposed to Android 13’s 16 various color elaboration techniques. Another drawback for those who prefer their UI to look distinct from their wallpaper is that, unlike Android, you don’t get a choice of basic colors that aren’t taken from your wallpaper.

In the January update, Chrome already unveiled custom colors, and with the latest amendments, they are available on a vast scale without requiring any special work. The latest theming capabilities are being used in Chrome, providing broader options for applying this theme in more areas.

Even before this flag started to activate, you could already see some of the Material You theme. When the Jelly Colors flag is set to on, ChromeOS will use the currently selected wallpaper’s default Material You color scheme to immerse your interface in any available prevailing hues. You may now choose the color derivation engine you like with the updated feature, giving you a little more influence over the design of your Material You-themed Chromebook.

We predict that Google will reveal the significant ChromeOS revamp live on stage at Google I/O later this month now that the Material You color picker is available in ChromeOS 114. After all, the colour picker was the final component needed to finish the OS makeover anticipated for 2023. We won’t have to wait long before more Google services are available, two years after the Android version of Material You was released.

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