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Google Launches Pinterest Like App Keen Under Area 120


Keen is the name of a new experimental app from Google that can be used to create collections. They are available for Android and as a web app.

Google has launched a new app under the roof of Area 120. With Keen, which roughly means “have an interest” sounds like another way of saying Pinterest, collections can be created and shared. Area 120 is, however, a kind of test laboratory; products developed there are often quickly evaporated again.

Keen reminds both of Pinterest and of the already existing function of the Google collections, whereby this is primarily intended for storing links to a topic. The new app works with Artificial Intelligence, which should display suitable content on a topic, it says in a blog post from Google.

“Keen shouldn’t be a place to spend hours browsing the Internet. It should be a home for your interests: a place where it can grow, where you can share it with loved ones, and find things that make life more worth living do.” In addition to the AI ​​suggestions, the collections can be curated manually. You can keep them private or make them publicly available. Public keens can then follow other users and receive a notification when new content is added. Experiments with virtual reality in advertising already came from Google’s Area 120 apparently, they have not prevailed. The app that was created there for playful programming learning, Grasshopper, is still available.

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