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Google maps 3D earth view is live on desktop

google maps 3d earth view

Google has updated Google maps recently bringing many useful features to it, one of them is the Google maps 3D earth view, now you can see that on your desktop.

Google is making the rounds of updates in its most popular location finding app, “Google Maps” the company has announced some very useful features last year including parking feature which helps users to find the nearest parking space, another important feature which was announced December last year was to send real-time notifications.

At the beginning of 2018, the company announced to launch Google Maps in China after eight years of absence. The company added 39 more languages to Google Maps in March 2018.

And more recently, Google maps added an AI feature to find your favorite eateries, and a location sharing with battery life feature, which sends your battery information to the receiver so they know exactly what went wrong if you are not picking up the phone.

Now Google has added a new 3D earth view in Google Maps on desktops, you can go to Google maps and zoom out to see how your looks in the 3D view.

Google Maps has also posted a video of 3D view on their twitter account.

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