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Google Maps introduces location sharing with battery life

Google maps introduces location sharing

Your friends shouldn’t panic now if you do not pick up the phone, the battery life is displayed. Also, you cannot lie that your battery was dead J

Google Maps introduces location sharing with battery life displayed just on your location, so the person who receives location knows how much battery you have left on your phone.

This innovative feature by Google Maps would help both parties, in case the battery is about to die, both parties know what would have gone wrong before reaching the meeting point. Android Police discovered this feature, earlier this year, the blog says Google Maps 9.71 Beta tests show the battery life integrated with location sharing.

Google has been rolling out the feature since then, it may not have reached you at the moment, but Google has been sending the update globally. Engadget confirms that Google Maps location sharing with battery life is now available outside the United States.

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Google has made a small innovative change with big potential, parents can receive their children’s location and if the battery is still enough and the child is not picking up the phone so they can take action about something would have gone wrong.

Similarly, you cannot ditch your friends who are coming to pick you up and you are not in a mood if you change your mind later, you cannot simply lie and say “Ohh my battery was dead that’s why I didn’t pick up the phone”.

The feature would widely be available on Android and IOS devices in the next coming days or months, it basically depends on Google’s speed or rolling out the feature.

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