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Google Meet Live Sharing will soon introduce YouTube Music co-listening to Android smartphone


In August 2022, the tech company Google shared that it will soon introduce some features that will enable users to utilize various platforms together on Google Meet. The company mentioned that users will be able to co-watch videos on the YouTube platform, design playlists on Spotify as well as play games on Google Meet.

Well, if we go by the latest developments, we come to know that YouTube Music has started working on this feature. We can spot the code strings that depict that the platform is working on introducing support for shared listening via Google Meet Live Sharing. In this way, users will be able to enjoy music with their loved ones.

Particularly with respect to this feature for the YouTube app, users will get a chance to co-watch videos. In addition to this, they will be able to interact with the shared content all through Google Meet Live Sharing. For the YouTube app, the video will appear in PiP mode. Besides this, the folks at 9to5Google have shared that the upgraded version of the YouTube Music app [5.42.50] consists of various codes for Live Sharing.

However, one thing to mention here is that the strings of codes were identified in an APK insight post. It suggests that the recent feature could either be introduced to YouTube Music or not. As per the code, it is depicted that a status bar will appear on the bottom of the screen [if the sharing feature is activated] in the YouTube Music app. As per the code descriptions, one indicates “Choose content to use Live Share. Playback is synced.

On the other hand, users can turn on Live Share on the YouTube app via the Google Meet call. Either way, users can open the system share menu from the videos and select ‘Meet Live Sharing.’ In this way, the feature will be activated.

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