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Google Messages might get most useful swipe action soon

Google brought in the latest update for its messaging app. A new swipe message feature is being tested by Google for its messaging app. Although there are three options on the list, this latest one is on its way to becoming a part of the app. This feature seems quite useful in comparison with others.

Google messages might get a swipe update soon

The swipe to indicate read or unread action is what we’re referring to. Google appears to be testing this modification through a beta channel with a little server-side update. With just one swipe, you can quickly designate your discussions as read or unread.

Numerous apps provide this feature, such as the Gmail app from Google. I personally use it frequently, every day, and I know a lot of other individuals who also do. Therefore, it will undoubtedly be useful in messages as well.

You may find this new option in the “Messages Settings” under “Swipe actions” if it is available to you. Again, keep in mind that installing the beta app is required but offers no guarantees. This appears to be a server-side modification rather than an app update.

There are several swipe options in the current version

With the current version, there are several swipe options available in the app. You can currently archive, delete, or swipe through this action. With the latest update, read/unread will be a new edition.

As we observed in the app years ago, it wasn’t that filled with features, but now Google is adding constant improvements to the app. The business is making a bet that Google Messages will someday resemble iMessage on Android thanks to its RCS functionality.

For all of us to be able to communicate cross-platform via the RCS standard, which Google views as SMS 2.0, it is Google’s goal to persuade Apple to adopt RCS. Apple has been hesitant to take that action since iMessage enables it to keep users confined to its ecosystem.

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