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WhatsApp to update context menu for messages in latest update

Over the course of time, WhatsApp is constantly adding and testing new features. In the recent update of WhatsApp, chat lock and message editing were introduced. To maintain its position as one of the best apps, WhatsApp is working on making its interface catchy by placing a navigation bar at the bottom, which has redefined the approach for context menus. This latest feature is currently in the testing phase.

In the current version of WhatsApp, when you hold a message for a time, it shows reactions and several options for the message, like delete, forward, reply, or any info. Though it’s a little detail in the app, there haven’t been many changes made to that for a long time. As per the latest reports from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is introducing a new menu for message context. As per the latest update, when you hold a message, it will show the options of delete, forward, and others in the form of a dropdown menu, whereas emojis will remain as they are on the above message.

This latest drop-down menu is still under development and is currently unavailable for beta users. Along with that, WhatsApp is aiming to add up to language parity across the app, which will surely make it look more interesting than the bizarre look it’s currently holding.

While we’re talking about parity, it would be negligent to ignore the fact that the desktop app and WhatsApp-connected devices still don’t support several functions that are supported on the primary device, like forwarding captions along with media files.

Hopefully, future updates will give equal weight to aesthetic resemblance and feature parity. Both have long been ignored, and Meta would be wise to stop pursuing Telegram’s capabilities to make sure that everything it has created up to this point is accessible to all users on all of their devices.

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