Google Pay web is now redesigned with Material 3 design

Paris France - October 19 2017 : Burning concept of Privacy terms on Google website magnified with magnifying glass

The Material You Design language by Google gives a fresh new look to Android apps. Until now, the company has rolled out the Material You theme to several apps, from famous apps to home screens. As compared to the mobile app versions, the updates arrive gradually on the web. Recently, the company has rolled out the Material 3 design to the Google Pay web.

With the new changes, users can find various Material 3 design elements on the Google Pay website. It provides a great online transaction experience. One neat addition is a unified ‘Transaction’ view. According to 9to5Google, it showcases all transactions related to the card used. This is a convenient approach to tracking a user’s transactions.

The new changes with the Material 3 design application

With the new updates, the background is now colored blue. Some accent colors can be found in the side drawer. The updated toggle design enhances the contemporary look. Users can adjust their email and privacy choices in the “Settings” section. Users now have more flexibility over how they interact with Google Pay. There are no details on when the new update was rolled out. However, the new redesign aligns with the company’s pledge to provide users with a uniform, modern, and user-friendly experience across different platforms.

In conclusion, Google has demonstrated a dedication to providing a consistent and contemporary user experience by implementing Material 3 across the web, especially with Google Pay. This change in design improves the online transaction platform’s usability and aesthetic appeal. It fits in with the larger progression of Google’s design language.

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