According to the CEO, Threads ought to serve as a “de facto platform” for online public discussions

According to Adam Mosseri, Threads will become a de facto platform in the future. In response to a user’s query, the CEO replied that within a year, Threads has the potential to become a “de facto platform” for online public conversations. Well, something similar was mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg about Threads. According to him, Threads has the ability to become a “billion-person public conversation app.”

Besides this, Threads has achieved 100 million monthly active users. Mosseri claims that they are currently discussing the concept internally. “I believe the ultimate goal is to become the standard forum for online public discussions, which pertains to both cultural significance and Thread size in general,” Mosseri continued.

According to Mosseri, Threads can beat X

The announcement from Meta was made on the same day that Elon Musk took over X (Twitter) one year ago. In reality, Threads was Meta’s answer to Musk’s plans to use X as a hub for public online discourse. Mosseri acknowledges that X presently owns the title of greatest public conversation platform, and Threads isn’t quite there yet.

Mosseri believes that Threads can outperform X. The platform started off well, and it still has a long way to go. He added that the team is improving the app’s experience every week. He assumes that slowly and gradually, Thread can build momentum and reach its goal.

In addition to this, Mosseri added that the web version is not important right now; the focus is on the Android and iOS apps. Furthermore, he said that features like tags or hashtags are helpful, but they don’t have the potential to change the app’s trajectory. He shared that we are working out a way that will help better integrate teams that work on Instagram and Threads. This is most likely the reason Meta has started sharing Threads content on Instagram and Facebook feeds recently.

The competition between X and Threads is taking some interesting turns. Both platforms wish to add more features and services for users. Threads want to abandon the news category, whereas X plans to debut XWire, a newswire service. Furthermore, Threads has a free edit button that is not bound to any premium subscription.

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