Google Photos updated with advanced feature that make it easier to tag people

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Google Photos provides great ways to organize your library through the face-tagging feature. Looking back on memories, it’s quite powerful to recognize the faces of people when they were babies. With the latest update, Google is improving its features even more to make it even easier to recognize the person without even looking at the picture.

As per reports from Android Authority, the app’s face recognition abilities have been enhanced to a higher level, like being able to identify a person through the back of their head. As experimented by Rita El Khoury, former editor of Android Police, she has inserted some of his husband’s picture where his face wasn’t visible. The result shocked her, as the app prompted her to tag him in the images.

She described the feature as the app creating a model of her husband’s head prior to older images and videos where the head of her husband was visible. This could also work by comparing the images with all other images taken at the same time frame that display the person.

But there is a condition. The person is not instantly marked by the face tagging. Instead, the card that shows when you swipe up on a picture simply says, “Face available to add.” You may verify that the individual is, in fact, the one the program suggested by tapping this.

Despite being useful, it appears that only 80–85% of the photographs El Khoury took of her spouse had the feature activated. Given how challenging it would be to identify someone without seeing their face, this accuracy rate is quite impressive.

I discovered this also worked with several of the photos of my friends who were facing the wrong direction in my Google Photos library. While the findings were more inconsistent, some pictures correctly identified the subject even while their face was hidden from the camera.

It’s unclear whether this is a brand-new Google Photos feature, but one thing is certain: Google is constantly working to enhance the intelligence of its gallery app. It just added the option to manually make cinematic photos in just a few taps, and its future Magic Editor tool is shaping up to be a huge expansion to the Magic Eraser function we’ve seen on Pixel phones.

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