Google Pixel Watch 2 Expected To Face Delays In Delivery

In addition to the Pixel 8 series smartphones, Google also introduced the new Google Pixel Watch 2. The smartwatch with Wear OS 4, which has been redesigned internally, is apparently enjoying some popularity, as there are initial delivery delays.

Google Pixel Watch 2 goes on sale tomorrow

The new Google Pixel Watch 2 will go on sale tomorrow along with the new Pixel smartphones. Anyone who is interested in the new model and does not order a bundle with a Pixel 8 will have to be prepared for longer delivery times. As colleagues from Android Authority report, among others, interested customers in the Google Store are already seeing a delivery date that has been postponed to November for certain variants of the Google Pixel Watch 2. This applies, among other things, to the new variant with a blue bracelet and some models of the edition with LTE support.

The blue color variant is specifically delayed

The affected versions are generally expected to be available around mid-November, until recently there was always talk of a date around tomorrow’s official availability date. This initially only applies to the US store. A similar picture emerges in the EU too.

At least for the new color variant with the blue bracelet called “Bay Blue” and a silver-colored aluminum housing, the Google Store is currently also talking about a delivery period between November 8th and 15th, 2023. The other color variants will be available at least in this country on October 16th or 17th.

In addition to possible high demand, another factor could also play a role in the delivery delays surrounding the Pixel Watch 2. Google is bundling the new smartwatch as part of Google is bundling the new smartwatch with the new high-end smartphone free of charge. Depending on the number of pre-orders for the new smartphone, which costs at least 1,099 euros, the stocks of the Pixel Watch 2 ordered in advance by Google could last more or less long.

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